I Have A Very Serious Norman Reedus Problem

Don't invite tumblr to the intervention. She's an enabler.

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Daryl Dixon: No, you don’t get it. Everyone we know is dead.
Beth Greene: You don’t know that!
Daryl Dixon: Might as well be ‘cause you ain’t never gonna see ‘em again. Rick… You ain’t never gonna see Maggie again.

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Dear Rick. I’m super sorry that this man scares you because he’s just better. Oh wait. Did I say that I’m sorry? NO I’M NOT SORRY AT ALL. Daryl, you beautiful, beautiful human.

Anybody who can watch this and not feel the rage is just well. Not me;)

Also the fact that Daryl scares Rick delights my soul. Okay that is all.

The 5th and 6th gifs, though. Daryl showed a full range of emotions here, Damn. 

I have a lot to say about Rick. I don’t hate him like I did back in 4.4. I get why he did what he did now because he still hasn’t convinced himself…He told the same thing to Maggie and now Daryl. He’s still not right in the head. I feel so bad for Carol because I think she knew it :( “Rick, it’s me”. She knew he was still not healed from his breakdown. 

I’m so incoherent. I need to go to bed. We’ll get to it another time! 

Sorry, gotta interject…I clearly recall some saying he’d be rick’s bitch if he agreed with Rick in what Rick did….but he kind of did. What they did the way they did it was a perfect middleground but the fact is…HE STILL BELIEVED RICK. NO WAY would he let Rick go tell others about Carol being the killer if he didn’t think she was. This was Daryl’s way of processing it beyond the squirrel throwing days he had before. But he stayed when he could have gone, he believed Rick, he trusted Rick and he was upset at the situation as a whole. 

I feel bad for Daryl here because deep down he knows what Carol did and is angry this person he thought  he knew could do it, but he’s still upset for her. There’s no one side here. Sorry. Never was all Caryl, still isn’t. 

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